I don’t maths good.

But first, Deadlifts!!!!!!

Yesterday was deadlift day and deadlift day is my favorite! Started off on a high note, did a few warm up sets of 115 and then started my 5-3-1+ shenanigainz.

5@155 too easy. 3@175 little heavy. 1+@195 SIX reps! Wait, what? Oh too bad it was 185.

So 6@185 put me in a pickle. Do I swallow my sadness and move on to squats? Do I take a breather and try 195? I was already somewhat apprehensive, but what the hell. I was feeling reckless.

3 minutes later and I mastered 4 reps at 195lb. Yeah boy! There was cussing, there was smiles, there was lots of red face action. I was stoked.

On to squats! I am making the transition to low bar! The difference is noticeable. I’m working on it with lower weights until I feel competent with it. Definitely need to work on shoulder mobility, but it was nifty.

Natural I went dumbtarded here too, thought I was at 105 when really I was pushing 115. Oi! Just not my day for counting.


Sunday was Bench day, it went fantabulous. I hit 100 for the first time ever! Busted out 4 reps here as well. All in all it’s been one of the most successful cycles yet. I’m so ansty pants to see my numbers go up. So happy and wiggly every time I grab those 45’s. It’s love at first rep!


So my pre-gym breaskfast has somehow turned into my absolute favorite meal of the day.breakfast This meal consists of:

  • a Van’s Powergrain waffle
  • a chicken breast
  • 60g of steamed broccoli
  • two egg whites
  • 10g of cashew
  • 1/2 a serving of Korean BBQ sauce!

It is so frigging good. Just enough carbs to keep me from crashing without going overboard. The cashews, broccoli,  and BBQ sauce go so well with the eggs. It tastes almost like chinese food! I love chinese food. The chicken and waffles is so friggin amazing together. The Powergrain waffle tastes familiar in a way that I can’t quite pinpoint.

This has become my most favorite thing to eat, I may eat it again for dinner!

On the macro side of life, the struggle is real. Some days are super easy, some day I don’t care, some days I just feel like poop.

C’est la vie!


Squats and X Files!

Squats, squats, and more squats!

Today started off sluggish, 3+ day and I hit 120 and 135 first. Managed to squeeze out 6 reps @150 for my third set! So stoked.

5×10 deadlifts @155 was so-so. Ended up finishing the last two sets with the belt and split the 5th set into two rounds of 5.

Not sure what was up but I’m thinking it was the 2 miles I rucked with 50lbs yesterday…….

Today ended with squats for days! Split, sumo, pause and front! I squat till I drop!

Yesterday! I added 20lbs to my normal ruck sessions and woooow it was intense. I’m stoked that it didn’t affect my squats and I can’t wait to get back out there next week. Rucking > running every single time.

Life is as boring and ordinary as always! I’m super stoked for my 1+ next week, it is just so awesome to watch my numbers grow!

Part of me really can’t wait for deload week, I am definitely feeling this cycle.

Day of the Deadlifts

I know the day of the week by it’s workout, mainly because I don’t have a set day for any workout, I just alternate every other day in the gym.

I like deadlifts, deadlifts are my favorite! I did my 3-3-3+ today, hit 145-165 with ease and busted out 7@185 and almost puked. It was glorious, especially since I stopped doing touch and go and actually came to a dead stop on the dead lift which left me dead.

Squats afterwards just about wiped me out. I managed all 5 sets beltless but that 5th set was haaaaaaaaaaard. I just went slow and worked on breathing and bracing.

I like leg days because I get to eat sour patch kids after my main lift, it helps power me through the bro stuff.

Rack pulls 4 sets @205! It was great to hold that weight, I’m not even gonna lie. I managed 4-5-6 reps then on the 4th set threw in some singles, with a hold as long as I could, at the top. I’m trying to work on grip strength hardcore right now. I plan on adding some hex bar carries next cycle. The higher my training maxes get, the greater the need for me to able to hold the damn weight. I’ve only been doing this thing for just over 3 months now. Time flies when you’re having a blast!

On to the work out! After the rack pulls I chewed on a couple more sour patch kids because they’re delicious. Single arm dumbbell rows were followed by back extensions, chin ups and hammer curls. I threw in a couple sets of reverse curls too because hot damn do they work my grip. Lefty was giving out but held strong long enough to finish.

I literally have done nothing since the gym but eat and watch X Files.

My favorite meal of the day has definitely been the protein milkshake.

Halo Top ice cream is amazing. The mint chip flavor is amazinger. Coming in at 240 calories FOR THE PINT, with 6g of protein a serving, I am in love. It also makes a damn good milkshake.

This puppy comes in at under 300 calories, with 39g protein, 26g carb and 3g fat, it was milkthe perfect end to my day. I used 86g of frozen banana, roughly 1/2 a cup of cashew milk, a serving of halo top and 38g of MyProtein Impact Whey. It was fantastic, beyond delicious, maybe one of the best things I’ve eaten in awhile.

It was minty, creamy and dreamy and will most definitely be making a reappearance very soon.

Normally I use my protein shakes as a vessel for my powdery supplements, but this one just got a healthy dose of prebiotic fiber powder and I slammed it down faster than I thought possible.

Today is coming to a close, tomorrow brings a multi-store hunt for my beloved turkey tenderloin (amazing macros and not freaking chicken). Hopefully we find some as I have some meal prepping to do. Only other thing I hope to accomplish is another walk with the weight vest, it really does do wonders for leg soreness.

Gym stuff is picking up and I’m loving every minute of it, except overhead presses, those bastards just suck.

Cardio is for the birds

Yesterday was my first day back from my impromptu vacation and it was also bench day. Makin gains left and right this week!

3@75, 3@85, 3+@95 (for 7 reps)! Booyah!

This was followed by 5×10 Overhead Press with the bar. I died. I smacked my chin with said bar. It’s bruised. I rocked the crap out of it.

My gym was full of dumbbell hoarders so I changed up my bro stuff a smidge. I went straight from OHP to this nifty thing called a Spoto Press. It’s essentially a bench press that stops 2 inches above your chest, held for a moment, and then pushed up to start position. Holy craaaaaaaaaaap I love it.

From there, I moved to cable chest flye’s and incline flye’s so I was fly AF. I skipped the dips because tireds. Overhead cable tricep extensions is the most wordy exercise I do. Then abs. I lasted two rounds of a basic circuit and then called it quits. I was hot, I was tired, and I was so hangry it was funny.

I followed this session with some turkey and french fries because I gotta feed these muscles. Actually I have a relatively difficult time getting calories in, most of the time I’m not hungry. My life is so hard, I know.

After le gym and feeding, I met with a friend for a few hours and caught up on the last 4 years! I’m so social I don’t even know what to do with myself.

walking collageThat was then, this is now, and I am relaxing after a lovely 3 mile walk. By lovely, I mean horribly hot and sweaty. My 30lb vest is feeling lighter every day and wearing it definitely beats running.

Cardio is for suckers. I can say this because I use to run like 70 miles a month. Now I run like 10…tops…eww.

The nature trail is naturey enough but Florida is flat as can be and I am craving some hill work.

I may very well try and sneak in a quick trip to a mountain sometime soon for some variety.

Tomorrow is another off gym day (sad face) unfortunately it works best for me to follow bench with deadlifts and since I rearranged last week, I have take an extra day before I plow in head strong into my 3+ @185. I’m like Gollum and the barbell is my precious. I neeeeeeeeds it.


Until then, I will keep walking the walk and eat all the proteins!


Yesterday brought me on the road to Savannah GA! Not a super long road trip, but it was the reason for my rearranging gym schedule. Squats happened on dead day and deads happened today!

Damn was it a day. I found myself at Anderson-Cohen Weightlifting Gym here in Savannah, this is where Olympians train, it was quite the experience. Also my first time ever dropping into a gym, I only had to ask 5 people where I was suppose to go to sign in/pay (a whopping $5).

It was awesome. THERE IS SO MUCH ROOM FOR ACTIVITIES! It was so refreshing to just walk to an empty space and prep for deadlifts. There are 24 spots open with movable squat racks so I was able to dead and squat in the same spot.

Only weird part was everything was in kilos. Sadly I am horrible at taking photos, but I ended up warming up with my first working set o_o my bad! I just pulled 5@133 twice and carried on. Ended up pulling 9@177 for my final set. I blew myself away. I wasn’t even feeling particularly strong or in my element, but I realized that I have been holding myself back.

I also rocked my 5×10 @111 squats, though I did belt up for the final two sets.

Downside to working out alone, no one is there is tell me to stop being a lil bitch and push harder. Sooooooooo today it started, my lift goals increase and if I hit it, sweet and if I don’t, well not every day will be a PR.

Patience is key. Too bad it is not my strong suit.

The rest of my workout consisted of heavy ass rack pulls- managed 205 for 4 sets of 4-6reps (my baby hands didn’t like this), Single arm dumbbell rows, alternating pull up/chin ups, and some bicep curls. I was suppose to do back extensions but the thing I thought was maybe a glute/ham raise looked weird and intimidating so I just called it a day. You can’t win em all!

On to the rest of the day! Calories on vacation don’t count right?

Post workout meal consisted of 8 piece grilled nuggets from Chick Fil A as well as a chargrilled chicken sammich and one container of their BBQ sauce. Not too bad at all.

I followed it quickly with a smedium banana and some greek yogurt, because I was still hangry.

Dinner stole the show. We hit up Jazz’d a tapas restaurant not far from where we stayed. It was fantastic. My paternal unit and I partook in 4 dishes which left us absolutely stuffed. We started with hummus and bruschetta, and ended with blacken salmon and BBQ ribs. Tapas is known for having small dishes on the pretense of ordering several and then sharing. It was fantastic and I left far more stuffed then I thought imaginable.

Tomorrow is homeward bound, back to counting macro’s and gaining muscle.

Since I am bad about taking relevant photos, here is a lovely shot of my road trip mascot Spike! dino

Pizza for breakfast!

Does not make a good pre-gym meal! Delicious as it may have been, I probably would have fared better sticking with the tried and true eggs and oatmeal.

Overhead Press is my absolute least favorite and borderline loathed day. Mainly because it is where I am by far the weakest and struggling. That fact alone maybe makes it the most important day. Grr.

Walk into the gym like yo, what up I got a squat rack.

It was packed. So many bro’s, it was bro-verwhelming.

My main lift went fairly so-so. Hit my 5 @50, 55 and squeezed out 6 @60. The 5×10 bench @75 was haaaaaard. I think it was the pizza. My belly was telling me to sleep while my pecs were crying.

Done and done, we moved on to face pulls, plain ol’ dumbbell presses and shrugs. Threw in some lateral raises and rotating dumbbell chest presses for good measure. All in all, it felt productive, and my food baby went down by the time I got home.



Today is Memorial Day, a day to remember the men and women who did not make it home. Today’s workout was patriotic AF. For $5 at Target (I shop in the boys section, don’t judge) I sported this awesome tank. These colors don’t run, but sometimes they get a little sweaty.




Due to travel plans squat day was today!

5+ @145 did not go quite as I had hoped. I got my 5 in but that was it. I guess it didn’t help that on Monday I performed a miracle of 1+ squat @150 for 3 reps, my poor baby quads are tired and sad.

No rest for weary, squats were immediately followed by 5×10@155 deadlifts, which admittedly left me feeling rather dead, and very sweaty. My gym has two sections, the fancy indoors and the gritty “pit.” Naturally as a girl, I much prefer the unconditioned garage feel of the pit. I usually only go inside to wash the chalk off or pee. I drink a lot of water so usually it’s just for the latter.

Accessory work went swell. Bulgarian Split lunges are evil. Romanian deadlifts work my grip strength more than my hammy’s. Pause squats….oh sweet baby jeebus…3 second pause squats for 3×6 (goal was 8 but I would have dieded). Last and probably least was the goblet squat (sumo, wide, plie, a squat by any other name). The rep ranges and sets varied vast and wide, usually 3-4 sets 6-10 reps.

For various reasons yesterday I decided to test my one rep max on the hex bar deadlift (I struggle to call it that) This is being added to my bro list in the interim, though I will say it’s easier than the hexbarbell, that’s probably why I don’t like it. Not knowing where to start I threw on some 25’s and went at it. Those were quickly replaced by 45’s, though the pit is a rust bucket so I struggled more getting the 5’s and 10’s on then I did the actual deadlifts. In the end I managed 215 for 1, failed at 225. The 2 1/2 were not going on in the least so I just called it a day and went home.



Not to be one to sit on my butt (lie) I enjoyed a nice sustained cardio day of rucking with vesta 30lb weight vest on for 3.2 miles. A nice 5k in 57:20 action to get the heart pumping. Why run when I can slap on a vest and just walk my way to victory?

That was then, this is now, the rest of today brings on copious amounts of protein because who doesn’t love gainz?

Wednesday bench day

Not every day starts out as planned. Not every day even has a plan.

Today is a reckless abandonment kind of day. The only plan I had was for the gym so I can check that one done fo sure.

oats2Breakfast, oh how I loath breakfast. Normally I avoid it but now that I hit the gym later in the day, I eat before I go. Breakfast today was my average fair of low sugar oatmeal, eggwhites, and almonds……only I added far too much cashew milk and it turned into slightly maple flavored cereal with eggs mixed in. Not horrible, but kind of gross looking. This is my typical pre gym snacky-poo and it does it’s job! The eggwhites mixed with oatmeal adds volume that keeps me full and pumped.

Bench day erry’day (or not). The bench press is a love/hate thing, I love to hate it. Following Jim Wendlers 5/3/1, this week is 5 reps for my main lifts at 65-75-85% of my training max (TM =90% of my one rep max) Sounds so much more complicated than it is, I use a calculator because I don’t maths good.

Warmed up with 5@45-5@55-3@65. This came after doing some general hip opener stretches, push ups, pull ups and some yoga variations.

Working sets were 5@70-5@80-5+@90 (7 reps). Weaksauce but got the job done. On the final set my goal was 7 reps and I while I barely hit it, I hit it hard. This was awesome considering the first time I ever benched was in January and simply the bar just about killed me.

Following this was overhead press for 5×10@45. Oh Em Gee have I been slacking on the OHP. I about died on set 3 and ended up failing set 5 only 8 reps in. Twas not my finest hour but far from my worse. OHP is new and dumb.

Those be my main lifts. Bench was most importanter, OHP was meh, and now my accessories are where I have fun.

This cycle for bench is too easy, as in not complex, the effort is very real.

Bro Stuff

Bro stuff changes every 5/3/1 cycle and is a very simple way to accentuate my main lifts. While it is not the focus of my gym-ness, it is still exciting to make and maintain dem gainz. Plus it’s a wonderful excuse to eat a lot.

I try to keep it simple and most importantly, I don’t burn myself out. I usually throw in some chin ups and pulls up because they feel good and I like showing off wherever I can. Sometimes my ego gets the best of me afterall.

Today may not have had much of a plan, but it has still be a success. One more bench day in the books and tomorrow brings sprints and froyo. Gotta get those carbs!




Embrace the Fear

Someone once advised to me that I should always do the things that scare me. On Monday, that meant 150lb back squats for 3 reps, followed by 5 sets of 10 deadlift @145lb. This is me lifting heavy so that one day I can lift heavier.

I will never forget six months ago, the first time I ever stepped under a bar with 45’s on it. It was such an amazing feeling just to hit 135lbs, and then my friend slapped on a couple of 5’s, then replaced that with 10’s and next thing I know I am maxing out at 170lb. That was the first day I actually felt strong.

The gym is my happy place and this blog will document my journey with macro’s, powerlifting, and life in general.