Deadlifts, treadmills, and OHP!

As you can tell, my titles have failed to get any more creative. I am also lacking in proper timing!

Saturday found me in a new gym once again, struggling with the unfamiliarity that comes along with it. Though this gym was nice, it lacked the gritty charm of my home gym. Plus no chalk allowed on deadlift day was somewhat of a turn off. 195 dead
That being said, I hit my 3+ day running. My first two sets of 3 @160 and 180 felt great. My 3+ mental goal was 8@195 but I ended up only getting 7. I feel like I somewhat gave up on myself in the process. Rep 6 felt rough, 7 went well but the bar was slipping from my grip, so 8 just didn’t happen. It was still a win in my book.
My 5×10 @115 squat felt great for the first 3 sets, number 4 was slow and 5 was torture. My back is still bruised.
For this entire workout, my neck was absurdly stiff and it definitely didn’t help my focus, but it wasn’t hurting so I kept chuggin along. I did a looooot of pull ups in an attempt to loosen it up, I can’t say it helped any but damn if my back wasn’t toasted by the end.
After squatting, came the superset of deficit deadlifts and goblet squats, keeping the weights the same (135 for deads and 40 for squats) I upped the reps to 8 and 10 respectively. It was hard, it sucked, I loved it when I was finished.
Next up came the lat pull down, naturally I threw that puppy on 100, grabbed the bar and moved to sit…which turned into me sort of hanging there. Apparently this cable machine runs on kilo’s not pounds. Moving it to 42.5 I cranked out 10 pretty solid reps for 4 sets. I repeated the same weight and reps for both cable rows and reverse grip pull downs.
I should also  mention that somewhere in here I attempted the glute ham raise. It was an epic fail. So epic I almost fell on my face. I’ve only used this thing three times before as they are horribly hard to come by in a commercial gym, so I’m definitely a little green around the gills when it comes to GHR.
Next on the agenda was another superset of hammer curls and incline curl. I followed the superset with some reverse curls and called it a day in the weight room.
This workout ended with 4 sets of 8 burpee long jumps and some serious stretching.

Sunday I was definitely feeling worse for wear. My neck was even more stiff and my body pretty much just felt like it got run over by a train. I took the lacrosse ball to my upper back and traps and flip flopped back and forth on whether or not incline treadmill work was a good idea. In the end, I wound up having pretty good run session and everything felt better with the rush of endorphin. I didn’t test myself for speed, never went above 6.5 but I did make it up to 9 incline, doing 1:1 intervals for 30s. Not too shabby at all.

Today was Overhead Press day….the only thing I can say is that while my reps aren’t going up, the one’s I do achieve feel easier and my form is improving.

I started this morning with an extra focus on stretching and warming up my wonky shoulders. My neck was feeling better but I usually approach my OHP days with a degree of apprehension.
My 3+ started with @55 and 65, they went pretty smooth all things considering. My 3+ 70 ohp@70 didn’t go badly, just didn’t go as well as I had hoped. I hit 3 but didn’t get a plus. I failed just at the top of my head. I’ll see how my 1+@75 goes next week before I decide to move forward with weights or just repeat this cycle a third time.


With OHP in the books, it was time for my 5×10 @70 bench. Honestly it has never felt so smooth. I pumped out my reps without missing a beat. Taking minimal rest time between each set and finished the 5th set just as strong as I did the 1st. It was insanely encouraging.
Face pulls came next, I upped my reps from 10 to 13 keeping the weight as 60. After that, I moved on to 5×5 incline dumbbell press and upped my weights from 30 to 35 and while sets 1-4 went fast, the 5th set was a bit of a struggle.
Then came my giant set of Arnold presses, lateral raises, and front raises. I did 5×5 of each, upped the Arnold presses to 20lb dumbbells but kept the other two at 10lbs. I did the first 2 sets with zero rest, the rest of the sets were a smidge longer as I began to peter out. I ate my sour patch kids and pushed through the wall.
I did some tricep push downs and moved on to my grip work and abs.
Hex bar walks with 15s holds at the end @155 went well. My forearms, core, and everything else was shaking from exertion. I did 20 steps w/ a hold out. Reset within 10 seconds, 20 steps w/hold back, minute rest, for 2 sets. I finished this off by adding two 5’s and doing 3 sets of holds @165 for 15-20 seconds.
Abs consisted of some random single sets and 3 sets of side bends with a 45 db. Oooh my obliques were burning here. I finished this off with a completely new to me move that I have since fallen head over heels in love with.
A single push press into overhead hold. I only went as high as 75lbs but holy guacamole were my abs working. The overhead hold forced my core to work extra to stabilize, my glutes got a little extra squeeze out of it and my lats had to remain engaged for the full 15 seconds that I held it up. These will definitely be making a reappearance every shoulder day and possible bench as well. It felt great to hold 75lb over my head, next time I’m going for 80.

That’s about it for me today, eating, resting, and rucking in the morning!

Until next time!



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