Get yo bench on!

Action breeds motivation and today I was horribly unmotivated. Then I hit the gym and now I am sore and unmotivated.

Nothing like a heat index of 90 degrees when your gym is literally a giant garage with no air flow.
Bench daaaaaaay bizzich! Warming up went good, starting with the bar and working up to a whopping 65lbs before moving on to my first working set of 80. First two sets of 3 @80 and 90 went good. My bench has started feeling much more consistent these last two cycles! Hard to believe I literally barbell bench pressed for the first time in my life 6 months ago. I struggled to hit 95 for 1 and now today I squeezed out 7@100. My last rep was kind of dodgy but the first 6 looked as solid as they felt. I walked around pretty damn happy with my progress.
I will also say that my 5×10 OHP has gotten better. I think I’ve come close to figuring out my hand placement. At the very least, with just the bar, my OHP form has improved greatly, for once I am almost looking forward to it next week Monday.
Bro stuff! I started with incline single arm dumbbell pressed! While it’s a mouthful to say, it does a number on my chest and core. I hit 4×6@30 which kicked ass. Lefty was huffing and puffing along so I enjoyed a couple sour patch kids between this and my giant set.
Pause Bench + DB Flye + Close Grip Bench = buuuuuuuuuurn! I love it. I did 5 reps of each and the increase of volume definitely adds a certain challenge.
Tricep work came next, I did some rope push downs and then single arm push downs and got them tenderloins aching.
By this point I was hot, exhausted, annoyed, and somewhat smelly. I ate the last two sour patch kids and settled in to do some hex holds.
Normally i would do some walks with holds but as much I didn’t want to give up, I have to concede to my body and my body was saying dude stop.

By this point I literally looked like I had jumped straight into the pool, which gave me the idea to actually go to the pool! I came home and changed into my bathing suit and took my ass to the pool…..only it was closed. Sad, sweaty, yet slightly amused, I walked back home and took a cold shower instead. My first time going to the pool this year and it was closed.

Such is life!

The rest of my day is pretty much going to be low key and silly! Laundry and chillin outside with a good book. Tomorrow is a ruck day and Saturday is deadlifts!!!!!! Deadlift day is favorite day of the week.

Until then!


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