Well Crap

I really need to work on these titles.

Yesterday started off interestingly enough. Up and at it at 4am all bright eyed and bushy tailed and ready to start the day! Only I had absolutely nothing to do until 11am, my usual gym time.

My days are currently very oddly scheduled, I typically hit the gym at 11 after consuming some noms. Having spent the last 6 years always working out in a fasted state, it was strange to find myself eating prior to lifting. I can’t honestly say I see a difference one way or another though. Despite whether I eat or not, I have almost always used pre-workout before hitting the gym. I’ve tried everything ranging from ON, 1RM, Hyde and finally settling on Ghost Legend. I must say, Ghost is by far my favorite. Warhead Watermelon is so freaking amazing. It’s not too sour but packs a distinct punch.


Overhead press, oh overhead press, why thou art so difficult?

Since I am still incredibly new to this move, I have been erring on the side of caution and repeating each cycle twice before increasing the weight. My workout consisted of 5@ 50 and 55 and 5+@60. Overall it did go well, though I did only get 6 reps on the 5+ because I lost focus. Funnily enough, I was meant to record my 5+ for the first time, but I forgot to hit the button before I started. My bad! I am on par with last cycle, so no real improvement other than it did at least feel easier.

My 5×10 bench was feeling rough AF, so I dropped from 75 to 70 after two sets. I decided I wanted to hit the 10 in one go rather than break them up into sets of 5 so discretion is the better part of valor (or so I’ve heard). The last three went pretty ok. I was alone in the heat so luckily no one heard me cussing.

Bro stuff was bro stuff. Face pulls and incline dumbbell press went off without a hitch. Kept the weight heavy and reps low for everything.
Arnold Press + Lateral Raise + Front Raise = The giant set from shoulder burning hell.
It was awesome. I am loving these super sets and giant sets, they bring a greater challenge and make the workout go faster.

On to the tricep work! Starting mid last cycle I added tricep work on my OHP day for a little spice, variety, and because I was seriously lacking in the chicken tenderloin of a muscle department. This was done with a little bit of cable work, both overhead tricep extensions and straight arm push downs. I know straight arm pd are more touted as back work, but in all seriousness, I feel them more in my triceps than anything.

I feel I should mention that yesterday was well over 90 degrees in my gym and by the time I had reached triceps I was ready to throw in the towel. The bro’s had started coming in in throes and their country music was just a bit too much for me to stomach. However conditioning, abs, and grip work was still on the agenda.

Conditioning was my ever so loathed burpee long jumps, I didn’t keep really track distance but I know I went until I damn near puked and kept my rest periods much shorter than I did on Tuesday. Amazingly enough it was cooler outside in the sun with the breeze.
Abs were just simple planks consisting of two rounds of 30s planks and one round of 20s side planks. What can I say? I absolutely hate doing abs.
Unfortunately I did call it quit on the grip work. After failing to hold my own weight doing hanging leg raises, I conceded to the sweat and went home.

Today brought another round of rucking! I’m still breaking in my new pack, it adds a whopping 47lbs to my person. Naturally I couldn’t resist temptation to attempt a pull up Ruckingwearing the ruck! I made it about two inches up before stalling. Needless to say I’ll be working on those now. It adds a bit of interest to my workouts and keeps me from stagnating.

This was a belated birthday present and I must say, it is absolutely priceless. This is the Rucker from GoRuck, as well as a 45lb plate custom to fit their line of packs. Prior to this, I attempted to make my own rig but it was incredibly uncomfortable and my SOC backpack was not really up to the job of anything beyond 20lbs. This pack is tested up to 400, though I will definitely not be testing that theory! Today marks the 4th time since it arrived that I have been able to break it in, and this was my second longest trek at 1.5 miles in 26min. Not terribly far, but I was stoked to have no back discomfort until after I hit the mile mark. As I do have very narrow shoulders, it does tend pull my them back, and the area in between my shoulder blades does get sore. I definitely feel like I am adjusting to the ruck, so that makes me happy!

All in all it’s been a pretty successful two days. Tomorrow is squats and I am beyond ready and excited for a 5+@150! I’ve come so far and this is a journey with no end in sight!

Until then!


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