Deadlift for days!

Deadlift days are my favorite days by far! My first sets of 5 were @140 and 160, and they went smooth as butter. I was programmed for 5+@182.5 so the choice was mine to either go up or down. Originally I was prepared to go down to 180 but once I was faced with the weights, I didn’t feel like messing with 10’s, 5’s and 2.5’s when I could just slap on a 25 sodeadlift
I ended up rocking 185 for 10 reps.
Now I usually video my 1+ sets but I decided to start taping all my plus sets so I can watch my form for breakdown.
What I garnered from yesterday, I lost lat tension after my 5th rep, with some back rounding at 9. Overall, I am pleased as punch at how it went! I think on my next 5+ I’ll work on resetting each rep. I need to figure out where I want to breath, I keep flipping between exhaling at the top or at the bottom or both. I seem to have trouble holding my breath and maintaining my bracing. I’m going to work on a total reset to try and keep the tension.

Keeping my 5×10 Squats @115 felt like a good choice. Since switching to low bar, I’ve been trying to focus on form and technique. Squat cues are one thing I need to work on the most. I’ve started writing down 3 things I want to focus on per cycle. This time it’s bar tension, bracing out of the rack, and back angle. So many things to remember! I’m hoping that writing things down and looking them over often will help imprint them in my noggin.

Bro stuff went great! It was hot and humid but after snacking on some sour patch kids before moving on to accessories, I managed knocked everything else out pretty awesomely.

For the first time since I started 5/3/1 I finally did something that has been on my routine every single cycle. Hip thrusts are both incredibly awkward and somewhat embarassing! Thankfully the gym was relatively empty, though I did get one heck of a charlie horse in left glute…..apparently I am more weak there than I thought. Now that the hip thrust seal has been broken, I have no excuse to not continue them. It really wasn’t so bad in the end.

For this workout, I super set my Deficit deadlifts with goblet squats. I kept both relatively light- 135 for 6 reps of deadlifts and a 40 dumbbell for 8 reps for the squats. I completed 4 rounds plus a warm up set (I had never done deficit deads so I started at 115 before deciding on 135).

I did close grip cable rows, lateral pull downs, and reverse pull downs next, each were 4×5 @105! This was a PB for all three! While my bro stuff is not really a focus, it is still cool to watch those number grow. Next I super set hammer curls with incline curls and got one heck of a good pump. I finished with a few pull ups and was suppose to do some tire jumps but it was pouring down rain so I just finished with stretches and dipped out.

Until next time!


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