Roadtrips, Deadlifts and Grumps!

Monday saw the start of my deload week, I am definitely not a fan but it is necessary and my body definitely felt it today!

Tuesday brought me on the road to the mountains, about 8 hours away.

Wednesday I hiked said mountain, a small section of the Appalachian Trail which starts in GA! It was amazing, it was challenging, it was epic. 0AT

This was a belated Father’s day trip, and our first time ever hiking a mountain! It was definitely more challenging than my typical rucks. I came away from it feeling a little sore in my calves but otherwise great.

Thursday we drove back home, this was long and arduous and I was super grumpy from lack of proper nutrition. While I was loosely tracking my macro’s, my protein was low and my carbs were high. Throw in the 5 Blue Moon’s I drank post hike and I was one cranky mofo.

We hit home around 2:30 PM, I ate a protein waffle and knocked back some pre-workout and by 3 PM I was out the door and headed to the gym. Captain Cranky Pants decided to go knock out her deadlift deload. The gym at that time suuuuuuuuuuucked. It was over 90 degrees and before I had even warmed up I was already a sweaty mess. I just winged the deload sets. I was moody, pissy, annoyed, and just didn’t care.

I opted for 3 sets of 3@135 after warming up for a couple sets of @65 and @115.

Moving on, 5×10 squats, I went in with the goal of 95lbs and my ding butt self settled for 105 instead. Practiced some more low bar, I am definitely digging it! The 5×10 went surprisingly excellent.

I sort of just farted around for another 20-30 minutes and left before an hour had passed. I was tired, my body hurt from driving for 8 hours and I was hangry from lack of food.
Upon arrival home, I tore into some broccoli, egg whites, chicken and BBQ sauce. No toast since my carbs were high and I wanted popcorn still. This has quickly become my favorite meal. I was still short almost 40g of protein so I made a milkshake with some of my favorite halo top! Mint Chip has a special place in my heart.

Today was just sort of meh. My body hurt from more than just the deadlifts. I’m smooshing my deloads back to back because I want them over with. Today was OHP and I didn’t push it all. I will be happy to get this deload over with! Next cycle is going to be super awesome and fun!

My 1RM from my very first cycle are becoming a part of my training percentages!!!!!!!!!! All of my 1RM are present for my 1+ week! I am so happy! Beyond happy!

Tomorrow is squat deload and then finally an off day and then the fun begins!

-happy dance-





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