The first rule about OHP…

We don’t talk about overhead press day.


That being said, cardio has been going exquisitely. Between sprints on Wednesday and my weight vest today, I feel healthy as fuuuuuuuuu. Mostly!

Sometimes you just have to cut lose and enjoy some maple whiskey and waffles.

In all seriousness though shoulder work is going ok. I have been repeating each cycle twice before moving forward, talk about slow going.

I managed 1@75 which is a PR for me, followed by 5×10 bench @75 which went spectacularly actually. Much better than last week, where I had to break up the final set into 2×5. Progress is progress!

I’ve decided to add additional tricep work to help with my OHP and fingers are crossed it works! So normally I just do tricep stuff on Bench day, but last week I decided to add some cable push downs to OHP day because reasons. Very good reasons, I tend to get stuck with the bar around me ears, I’ve heard that stronger triceps might help me get “unstuck.” At this point, I’ll try damn near anything.

Other bro stuff included face pulls ( I weirdly love these), dumbbell shoulder presses, lateral raises, dumbbell chest press with rotation, cable push down and then abs. Oh how I hate working my abs. I like to think my front squats and farmers carries work them enough, but I try not to delude myself too much.

All in all, I’m pretty satisfied with how things have been going with my shoulder work. It’s been hard, but I’m not terribly sore or stiff!

Tomorrow is squat day…………….definitely not feeling overly confident, but I am going to attempt to low bar it if possible!

Fingers and toes are crossed!



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