Soothing melodies

There is just something so soothing about the sound of plates sliding on a barbell. Today marks the end of my third cycle of 5/3/1. Three whole months of lifting heavier than I ever dreamed. Back in January I was pleased as could be to knock out 3 squats @115 and today I hit 3 @160. I will be sad when the newbie gainz go bye bye.

Squats! Today found me low bar squatting for the entire session. Woah man is my shoulder already feeling more limber than on Tuesday. Also low bar makes me feel like a boss.

5@125-3@145-3@160 for the win. It was just the end of February that I failed at 170 for my first attempt, hit it a couple minutes later but dem gainz are real son. For really real.

The 5×10 Deadlifts @155 went pretty dang smooth as well. I am noticing a little big of imbalance however, so my instincts tell me I should alternate my over/under grip hands. I’m painstakingly slowly working on grip strength so double over is not going to happen and my versa grips are a last resort. For the next couple cycles I’m going to try going over on the left and under on the right and we’ll see what happens! I might end up face planting, honestly who knows with me.

Bro stuff wasn’t too bad either, split squats are still the devil.

The RDL’s went pretty smooth, I have noticed my grip strength improvements here, in the past I was practically rushing so I didn’t drop the bar and today I was able to take it slow and controlled. I was making faces in the mirror at that one. Though I make faces for damn near every occasion.

The pause squats were a beast. I did the first set high and then switched low and then I dropped it like it was hot (my ass not the bar). I managed 3×6 for 3-5s pauses at the bottom. I think those mofo’s leave me more sore than my main lift. Eeee gads.

Front squats have been interesting as my left wrist just doesn’t like to cooperate. I tend to switch my grip up ever set, I just can’t nail down the sweet spot. I’m good until I hit the bottom of the squat, then its like my wrist just gets cranky. Damn dodgy joints.

Finished off with a couple sets of 10 Goblet squats with a 40lb dumbbell. No holds this time, I was wiped out even with my soup patch kid intra workout carb load. I probably should bring something better but hey, I like what I like!

Oh well! We are officially on a deload! Wooooooooooooooooooooooooo That’s how happy I am. I have super awesome and amazing plans to go hiking on Wednesday. A real and proper mountain hike at that! Gotta get my cardio in since I’m not lifting heavy things =)

This is my happy face.


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